Tips For Keeping Your Motorcycle Safe and Secure

Motorcycles are most frequently get stolen from busy city streets and public parking spaces with limited security. This common hot spots with low lighting and and low supervision present higher risks where motorcyclesare often left for extended period of time are vulnerable.

The best way to secure your motorcycle is with multi layer protection:

  • Use a high quality lock like U-lock or any heavy duty chain lock.

  • Always park in crowded areas which are under surveillance.

  • Use a motorcycle cover to protect your bike  also from weather damage.

  • Install an alarm system as another layer of security.

  • Install a GPS tracker to help recover yourbike in case it was stolen.

Can someone steal my motorcycle without the key?

Motorcycles can be stolen without the key, thieves often employ methods like hotwiring or breaking the ignition but the most common way is simply loading the bike onto a truck.

Motorcycle theft can happen within minutes especially if the the motorcycle is not secure. Thieves typically look for easy targets preferring bikes with minimal protection.

In order to minimize the risks we recommend on applying multiple anti theft layres.

Can a stolen motorcycle be tracked?

A stolen motorcycle can be tracked if it’s equipped with a GPS tracking device which discreetly installed on the bike and allow the owner a to monitor the motorcycle location in real time. Modern trackers are sophisticated and can send alerts to your phone or computer if the motorcycle is moved without authorization. They’re highly effective in aiding the recovery of stolen motorcycles and often lead to quicker retrieval. It’s important to choose a reliable GPS tracker with good coverage and battery life.

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