Tips to avoid losing your car keys

Losing your car keys can be a time consuming problem and very frustrating situation. It’s highly recommended to make a habit and plac your keys in the same place every time in order to avoid losing it. A key holder near the door or a specific tray in your living room is one way but a smart key finder device attached to your keychain is a great option that can be invaluable. This device connect to smartphone apps and help you to easily locate your keys. Keeping a spare car key is an excellent back up plan as well.

Is it common to lose car keys?

Losing car keys is a common experience for many people in their busy daily routine and factors like stress or being in a hurry can increase the chance for it to happen. Modern life distractions like smartphones can also contribute to losing your Car keys.

Where do most people lose their car keys?

Most people tend to lose their car keys in public places like cafes, gyms or at the streets. Especially when distracted and forget your bag with the car keys inside but when we realize and look for the bag it is already too late and it already gone.

Is there an app to find lost keys?

There are several apps designed to help you find lost keys, these apps are making use a small Bluetooth tracking device that can be attached to your keychain and once paired with your smartphone it can locate the keys. 

If you’re within a certain range the app can signal the tracker to make a sound to help you find your keys and some apps also offer a map showing the last known location of the keys based on the tracker signal. 

Where should I keep my car keys at night?

It’s wise to store your car keys in a consistent secure spot and placing them in a designated drawer near the entrance of your home will make it easily found. 

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