Locksmith Tips and Tricks

Locksmith plays a main role in ensuring the security of our homes, offices and cars and as the world keeps on evolving so do locks and security systems which makes the expertise of locksmiths more needed than ever. 

Locksmiths are not all about assisting you in emergency lockout situations but also to provide valuable security advice and upgrade your traditional locks to advanced digital locks.

With these basics tips you can significantly improve the security and durability of your locks:

Regular Maintenance

Regularly inspect your locks and make sure they are clean and lubricated to prevent any issues and extend their lifespan.

Upgrade to High Security Locks

Upgrading to high security locks that are more resistant to picking, drilling and bumping is highly recommended for your home and business. Look for brand like Mul-T-Lock and Medeco.

Do Not Duplicate Keys Unnecessarily

Be cautious about duplicating keys and do it only when absolutely necessary, always use a reputable locksmith for duplication and make sure to track who has your key.

Use Smart Locks Wisely

If you think about upgrade your locks to smart locks make sure they are from a trusted brand. Follow their notifications and regularly update the lock smartphone software.

Emergency Plan

Always have a plan for a lockout situation by having the contact information of a reliable locksmith in hand or keeping a spare key in a secret safe location around your property.

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