What To Look For In A Home Safe

When choosing a home safe we recommend to take into account few important factors like size, fire and water resistance, strength and durability. Look for well known safe brands with certifications for burglary protection and environmental resilience. 

For most homeowners a medium sized, fireproof and waterproof safe is the right choice and it will offer enough space to store all your valuable items.
Here are more details about what should you look for:

Fire and Water Resistance

Look for a safe with a high fire resistance rating to protect your contents in case of fire and if you’re living in an area where flooding is common make sure the safe is water resistance as well.

The Safe Lock Mechanism

Look for reliable lock system like a digital keypads or biometric scanner as traditional key system is already outdated and keys can get easily lost.

Construction Quality

A safe should be made of strong materials that are difficult to cut in or tamper with.

Burglary Protection Certification

Check for certifications that indicate that the safe is resistance to forced entry.

Internal Organization

Consider safes with adjustable shelves for easy organization of your items.

Anchor Ability

A safe should be anchorable to the floor or wall to prevent easy removal.


Look for a safe that provide extended warranty and customer support in case of a problem.

How heavy should a home safe be?

The ideal weight of a home safe depends on its intended use and location, a safe weighing between 100 to 150 pounds is quite enough for residential purposes. This weight range ensures the safe is heavy enough to deter thieves from easily carrying it away. 

For added security heavier safes that weight over 200 pounds are recommended especially if they’re housing more items. These larger safes are harder to move and have better protection.

Where is the safest place to put a safe in your home?

There are 2 popular spots to install a home safe, one is inside of a closet and the second is enbeded in the house floor under a rug. 

The basement can be a great option too because of the low visibility and limited access but it is highly important to take in account the risk of potential flooding.

Avoid obvious locations like the master bedroom or home office as these places are often the first places burglars will search.

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